Best Mobile App Design Tools in 2022

Mobile App Design Tools

Over the years, mobile technologies have become the mainstream of digital innovation. No single company on Earth doesn’t own a mobile app. Besides, billions of people today use handheld devices for shopping, socializing, and skimming through the internet. The truth is that no one can escape this medium of person-to-person connectivity.

Keep in mind, a mobile app’s UI (user interface) is the central element of your business application. It can either make you or break you. Therefore, you must create a stunning look for it. You can also hire professionals for the job. You can also talk to a reputable Professional web design Services Uk that provides smartphone application services.

Make sure you work on improving the user experience as well. It is the second thing to notice after your mobile app design. Remember, users’ satisfaction is directly proportional to increased conversion rates, ROI returns, improved user engagement times, and surplus profits.

Also, you can hire app developers that use mobile app design tools to draw wireframes, create blueprints, and add life to them. It’s like hiring professional logo design services UK and USA clients endorse. Designing an application and logo go hand in hand due to their attention-grabbing similarities. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the topic:

1. InVision

InVision is what it says. It lets you envision your idea and make it into reality. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most powerful mobile app design tools. The biggest reason for its popularity is an easy application for designing blueprint models. It’s one of the best things ever happening in the mobile design world. Now anyone can create mock-ups before finalizing their main application screens.

InVision is a great mobile app tool to convert static images into animations. The primary function is to eliminate lifeless app designs and exchange them with eloquently moving features. You can use several non-prototyping features. For instance, the LiveShare feature allows you to connect and collaborate with others in real-time. You can capture better screenshots via LiveCapture. Other significant features include Whiteboarding for animations, Project management, Tours, and simplified products presentation.

Established: 2011

Created by: Clark Valberg

Operating System: macOS

Primary Users: Amazon, HBO, Airbnb, Lyft, and more.

Compatibility: Slack, Jira, Trello, and a few others.

  • Free plan– starting with one designer and one prototype
  • Starter Plan– Starting at $13 per month (for annual payment), $15 per month (for monthly payments).
  • Professional Plan– Starting from $22 per month (annual payments) to $25 per month (monthly).
  • Team Plan– Starting from $89 per month (annual payment), $99 per month (monthly payment).

2. Sketch

Sketch is a well-known vector-based app design tool that focuses on on-screen UI (user interface) design. Mobile app designers and developers mostly use this tool. It helps them create eye-catchy user interfaces for various mobile devices. Sketch allows experienced and inexperienced smartphone app designers to build great app designs. It’s like one of those drag-and-drop website builders that help create excellent eCommerce platforms.

Sketch was created with digital app designers in mind. It ensures every requirement and tool is available on the table. Eventually, Sketch became a huge hit among beginners and professional mobile app designers. The customer base wasn’t from one nation but from all across the globe. So much so that several reputable startups and time-honored digital houses are using this mobile app design tool.

Established: 2010

Programmer’s name: Bohemian Coding

Operating System: macOS

Primary Users: Google, Apple, Facebook, Nintendo, Stripe, and a few others.

Compatibility: Avocode, Zeplin, Jira Cloud, and more.

Pricing: Starting from $99/ per year for updates

3. UXPin

It’s a great tool used for creating designs for mobile apps. Almost every other web design company uses this platform to provide smartphone-based services. UXPin is known for its easy use and allows amateur designers to add sleek touches to wireframes and expressive prototypes. Hence, helping them look more professional in their works.

Furthermore, you can do teamwork and share information with your team members. The best part is of UXPin is that it allows the contribution of different elements from different people. You can team up with app programmers and even clients to check your app’s usability. No wonder running A/B tests with your end-users (customers) is an amazing experience.

UXPin helps eliminate redundant features from your app. Hence, cleaning it up and reducing unnecessary elements present in it. It also gives insights and shows how different data blocks move from one place to another.

Established: 2010

OS: Web

Primary Users: Sony, HBO, PayPal, Microsoft, and more.

Compatibility: Slack, Jira, Sketch, and more.

Pricing: Plan to start from $19/ per month.

4. Adobe XD

Probably one of the fastest ways to get your mobile design done. It helps you create blueprints for the creation of your app. Plus, it allows you to share user interfaces and collaborate with other professionals in the same field.

Adobe Spark is a platform with ample intuitive tools to get you going efficiently. The best part is that you can switch directly from your screen design to a prototype model with a single click. Thus, you can create static app wireframes into functional prototypes in a few seconds.

There are several benefits of using Adobe XD you can consider it before going for it. It allows you to create user-friendly and quick low-fidelity wireframes for mobile apps. As well, provides accessibilities such as Adobe Creative Cloud for storing your data. You can create mobile design apps without any setbacks. It allows a smooth flow of user information to keep you aware of adding and subtracting. You can also share previews and gather feedback from users. The best for the last is exporting data for iOS and Android devices.

Established: 2016

Programmer: Adobe Systems

Compatible OS: macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Integrations: Avocode, Zeplin, Jira, and Slack.

  • Free Trial Plan
  • Paid plans- starting from $9.99/ per month only.

5. Figma

Probably one of the most commonly used mobile app design tools for team collaboration. Figma allows you to create your app’s wireframes and prototypes alongside your team members. It helps you collect ideas into a single pool. From there, you can absorb every concept available on the table to create an extraordinary piece (mobile app).

Figma has become an essential tool among smartphone application programmers. It creates a channel around people and connects them. Hence, allowing the whole squad to craft a mobile platform that’s abrupt, effective, and superb at the same time. How’s that!

Established: 2012

OS: Web

Primary Users: Microsoft, Braintree, Uber, and a few others.

Compatibility: Trello, Slack, Jira, Zeplin, and others.


  • Free Plans
  • Paid Plans- Starting from $12 per month per editor.

6. Marvel

Marvel is an all-inclusive smartphone application designing tool. It’s easy to use and is available for free. You can easily download it from a website with an official page with the sponsorship of the respected company. It’s one of the best tools to create eye-catchy mobile apps. As well, allows programmers to develop fully functional wireframes and interactive prototypes.

In addition, Marvel is a great tool to use for the earliest stages of your mobile app design. You can jump in with your brainstorm to create a blueprint and share it with your team of professionals. Besides, you can also share your drafts with your clients and supporters of the whole idea.

The Marvel app tool’s main advantages include easy backups, a trial version, a tidy dashboard, and countless mobile features. It also allows you to connect your phones with your computers for work. Last but not least, it is highly compatible with multiple platforms and devices.

Established: 2013

OS: Web

Primary Users: IBM, Buzzfeed, Stripe, Deliveroo, and a few others.

Compatibility: Slack, Jira, Sketch, Dropbox, etc.

  • Free Plan
  • Paid Plans- Starting from $12/per month.


Providing a smooth user experience to your customers is a must. You cannot deny the fact that a mobile design affects the overall professional model of your business. Therefore, it’s better to transmit every idea on your mind and the table to a resourceful tool – a mobile app. Remember, nothing’s more unforgivable than a bad “non-responsive” user experience to your clients. Be sensible and use a smartphone tool to help you with the whole process. Add essential features hitched with other eloquent elements to attract potential customers to your brand.

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