Tosh Trek The snow Place In Himachal

Tosh Trek The snow Place In Himachal

Area: Tosh is around 21 kms from Kasol where the courses will take on through the Barshaini street in an hour until you arrive at your objective.

Tosh trek situated over Himachal is perhaps the simplest trek that comes later Kasol. Indeed, who might not have any desire to go to where you can partake in the mind blowing excellence of mountains and find the realness of nature. It is set at a height of 2,400 meters. Tosh is a land accepted to be honored by Lord Shiva.

Not just this you get to see the different blossoms of Himalayan blue poppies, buttercups, primulas, bog marigold and Barsam blossoms. You will consider the mountain goats to be close to Tosh town. Individuals rely on cultivating and creature farming so you will see different goats on to the furthest limit of your excursion.

In winters you get to see the snowfall in the long stretch of November to February. You can cover Tosh trek in a day assuming that you choose to go till Tosh ice sheet. On the off chance that you wish to go past the Tosh ice sheet then you should go through rocks and mud which will lead to trouble. Preferably Tosh trek ought to be kept away from rainstorms due to the risky and dangerous ways.

You can decide to remain on Tosh as there are inns which have been constructed that will make your excursion unwinding. Likewise in this trek you will see the ice snow covered mountains which will edify your general excursion. The distance Tosh trek covers turns out to be 6 kms which will take around 4 to 6 hrs of trekking.

What you can eat in Tosh Himachal:

Bistro close to Tosh town offers nearly everything which you like to eat so get a dish and fill your heart with joy as reinforcing and invigorating too. You can track down modest bistros close to Jamadagni sanctuary on the off chance that you don't wish to go to costly ones.

What you can pay special attention to:

En route to Tosh trek you will encounter Tosh stream which is the feeder of Parvati following you and enormous cascades which look beguiling albeit more. Note that staying at a protected separation from the cascade is really conceivably hazardous to go close to.


-Going through two evenings over mountains

-Stargazing and huge fire around evening time

-Investigate the perfection of Kheerganga and Tosh

-Take a dunk in the natural aquifer situated on the banks of Parvati Kund

-Culture of Tosh:

Tosh isn't just with regards to its wondrous magnificence however here you will track down a sort of colleague with local people. You see the straightforwardness of everyday routine that local people experience far away from the city life. With its Pahadi culture, Tosh gives the food remembering the travelers who meander here and the hypnotizing perspectives on scene and its phenomenal climate and obviously the Malana cream which you can't miss.

So Tosh doesn't stop here with simply its perspectives yet rather you experience its variety in culture and resembles a second home to every one of the explorers in India.


Day 01-Travel from Delhi to Barshaini by means of Kasol and afterward you need to trek towards Tosh town. You can partake in the stars around evening time and can visit the nearby sanctuary. You can likewise visit Kasol there in the event that you haven't been there up until this point.

Day 02-Now start your excursion to Tosh trek and investigate the cascades and apple plantations there. For lunch you can wish to eat in the neighborhood dhabas which will really need you to eat more. Thereafter you can go for a tosh glacial mass trek. Yet, for this you really want to have an aide with you as the trekking level becomes troublesome.


Trekking shoes, woolen dresses, powerbank with additional batteries and energy bars, toiletries.

Tosh trek is a strikingly famous trekking objective among travelers which will certainly provide you with an incredible feeling of enjoyment while doing this trek. The trek takes you through the thick woodlands, spans that get through the Parvati stream and to the Tosh town set among the snow covered mountains.

So the thing is you are holding on to investigate this lovely trek and have its marvels illuminate you.

Tosh Temperature

The cold weather months start in November, the whole scene turns cold and dry. Snow hits the valley continuously for a seven day stretch of December and afterward intermittent snowfalls continue to occur and cover the encompassing regions with thick snow. The way to Tosh may now and again get shut to vehicular traffic in the cold weather months however one can generally stroll from Barshaini to Tosh. In any case, again it's every one of the pieces of the experience which you won't get in the late spring months.

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