Why is Minecraft a Popular Game?


Minecraft a Popular Game

What would be life without video games? It is a great way to relieve your stress and take a break from your boring and monotonous life. According to research, there are almost 2.7 billion video gamers all around the world. So, yes it will not be wrong to say that people love video games. There are so many iconic video games out there like MarioSuper and GTA San Andreas, but here I am going to discuss one of the most popular video games which every single child has played and thoroughly enjoyed not only in their childhood but till now is an important part of every child’s life, I am talking about Minecraft.

It is one of the most popular games of all time. For once wouldn’t it be great that you have the remote control of everything in your own hands? Well, Minecraft does exactly that. It allows you to be the master and creator of your own world. The game Minecraft allows you to craft everything according to your own choice. The best part is that this video game is compatible with most of the hardware platforms. Another reason for the popularity of this amazing video game is that it has been the constant topic of interest among various social media influencers like PewDiPie or simply playing Minecraft regularly on their YouTube channel which has actually garnered millions of views.

The game has a bounty of pros though, it might lack sometimes. If you have been fed up with the slow speed of Minecraft, check out these easy tips on How To Make Minecraft Run Faster.

How did it all start?

It was all started by a Swedish programmer in 2009 by Markus Persson, since then there has been no looking back for Minecraft, it has sold about 70 million copies of the video game. What makes the game Minecraft is so popular even when the graphics of the game are so unclear and blocky. There are no rules or instructions of any sort which makes it so much more interesting.

What makes Minecraft so unique?

The game Minecraft is all about the creation of your thoughts and thus it is a good way of enhancing the creativity of growing children and young minds. Minecraft is an exceptional video game that means no harm to children in any form. In fact, it encourages the children to be creative as they have to perform the tasks in repetitive order for exploring, building and going to the next level. It encourages the kids to create something new and unique, which is why it is popular among parents as well.

How to make Minecraft run faster?

Well, this is an issue that is faced by many kids, sometimes the game of Minecraft moves too slow thanks to the heavy programming but chill there is a solution to this problem. In these four steps mentioned below, you will be able to make the game of Minecraft run faster.

     Step 1: Choose the resource package of the game in the default mode. This picture quality will be fine.

      Step 2: Turn off the background music, this way the video game will process faster.

     Step 3: Go to the video settings and set the graphics as “fast”, turn “off” the smoothing lighting and turn 3D Anaglyph “off”.

     Step 4: Well, after following all the above-mentioned steps you will find that the video game functions at a better speed. So enjoy!


What Are The Best Alternatives of Minecraft?

If you are looking for free Minecraft games, here are the best alternatives you try without spending a single penny. We are pretty sure that these games will fit the empty block in your life and bring enhancement in quality of life. Let’s check out the 5 best alternatives to Minecraft.



One of the best open-world voxel adventure games, Trove goes through countless realms full of chests and enemies of similar strength. If you are looking for a better alternative to Minecraft with low specs, this is surely the best entry on the list.



Like Minecraft, Roblox players enjoy a perfect skill set of both young and older players. Perhaps the most powerful game, Roblox is developed with exciting creation tools. Whether you are playing on Xbox or PC, this is the right alternative to Minecraft.



Unturned is a stuffed game full of amazing features and details, and it works so well. It is certainly a good game and bursting with plenty of good values. Whether you love playing on the soft side or are an aggressive gamer, Unturned is surely an outstanding alternative.



The best among all, Terasology offers gamers and modders a golden opportunity to turn their game in any direction they want. They can try hands-on personalized game frames, per their tint.



Combine blocks arranged in an easy-to-use editor tool and a robot that you want. Whether build a jet car, tank, flying warship, helicopter or simply a scorpion-shaped  Diana Soare, Robocraft, as the name suggests is a block building game, giving a nice competition to Minecraft.



Minecraft brings out the best of the abilities in the kids and what is more amazing is the fact that it is a simple, cheap yet exciting computer game at the same time, which makes it so popular. So forget all your worries and create your own little world with Minecraft today!

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