7 Unique Ideas To Make Your Apartment Look Spacious

Take a moment to have a close look around your apartment. Does it look like the ideal living space for you? Or have random objects piled up in every corner to make the place feel like Breakout escape rooms?

Well, for most of us, the latter possibility is stronger because apartments these days come with rooms that seem to be claustrophobic. Maybe there doesn't seem to be enough space to put your clothes, or maybe your guests complain about there being a lack of space. Whatever the problem is, it is most likely that you feel your apartment has cramped up sooner than you expected. It is normal to feel defeated in this position. The only practical solution seems to be investing in a bigger space. But what if you are not ready to take that leap?

Breakout escape rooms

Well, thankfully, there are some pocket-friendly ways to make your apartment look more spacious. This article is without a doubt going to help you with some methods to make your apartment look spacious and clean. All you need is a little creativity and organization. Let's take a look at some of the unique ideas that can help you create more space in your apartment!

1. Get the clutter out

Lamenting over the small space is all but an excuse in many cases when there are many parts of the room crammed with stuff that could be rearranged to give you more breathing space. The organization is key, and when you start to organize the clutter, you will automatically start to realize how much more space you had covered up beneath the mess.

Cleanliness is a very important aspect, especially in a room that isn't very spacious. Keep your things organized and clean; that way, you know exactly where certain things are and have more space to work with.

2. Move your things

Oftentimes, rooms can look cramped if there is furniture blocking the way. You can simply solve that issue by just moving the furniture away from the walkways and to another area. A rule of thumb is to move all bulky furniture towards the wall and create more space at the center of the room. Alternate the big pieces with smaller furniture in between to create a balanced view. For example, if you have your bed and wardrobe side by side, try putting a house place or a low bed table in between them. This way, you wouldn't overcrowd the floor space and the walls.

3. Choose your hues carefully

Softer and mostly lighter colors make a room feel cozier and more open. It brings a sense of space and calmness to the demeanor of the décor. Lighter, pastel tones of blue and pink, or muted greens contrasted with beige work very well for cozy rooms.

4. Color theme

Talking from an interior décor perspective, having a cohesive color scheme for your room makes the space look better put together. You should go for colors with the same tone or within the same family to decorate your room. Having complementing décor on woven fabric, wall finishing, and drapes makes the room feel more open.

5. Sleek Furniture

Ditch heavy, dark furniture for your room. When you are already working with limited space, adding furniture that has a heavy look can make your room seem even smaller. Instead, go for sleek furniture that will not overwhelm your sight. Also, using multipurpose furniture with hidden storage can also help you save space effectively.

6. Light is powerful

Any well-lit room looks bigger than it actually is, whether that be artificial lighting or natural lighting. The most accessible place to start would be to get rid of heavy objects such as drapes and open the curtains to the outdoor light. Also, feel free to add more lamps and install lighting wherever necessary.

Lucite and glass magic

7. Lucite and glass magic

Any transparent or translucent material is key to making things appear farther than they actually are. A good example would be getting rid of shower enclosures that are opaque and adding clear and frameless ones. What this does is it makes the room seem bigger, because now you can see all the way to the wall.

Another trick that helps is using Lucite or glass on tabletops with space for wood or stone. This is guaranteed to open up some space around the table and the view beyond.


So these are the few ways you can either physically give your room more space or make it seem more spacious than it really is. The truth is, there is no way you can actually expand the area of the room, so the next great thing to do is organize and give yourself the illusion that there is more space. The tricks above are sure to give you a more comforting and spacious feeling. Things like lighting and colors are just pieces to the puzzle, get your creativity on and find your own unique ways of giving yourself more space too.

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