Steps To Renew Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Online

Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy Online

Owning a well-rounded two-wheeler insurance policy keeps one covered against third-party as well as own damages, depending on the plan. Since the level of coverage depends upon the type of bike insurance policy, individuals must choose a plan wisely. Regardless, to ensure continued protection, one must remember to renew the insurance policy on time.

Discussed below are some easy steps to renew one’s two-wheeler insurance policy conveniently online. Also discussed are some benefits of renewing motor insurance online.

How to renew motor insurance online?

Nowadays, almost every motor insurance provider has a robust online presence, making it easier to renew two-wheeler insurance online. One must keep track of the date of renewal and proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Log in to the insurer’s website for policy renewal

One of the most convenient aspects of renewing bike insurance plans online is that it hardly requires any paperwork. All one has to do is log into the respective insurer’s website and check all the renewal details by clicking on the “Policy Renewal” tab. Follow all the instructions provided and fill out the necessary details.

Step 2: Proceed with the online payment

In the next step, one must pay the renewal amount to complete the process. For this, policyholders can use their debit cards, credit cards as well as other online payment options supported by the insurer.

Step 3: Receive the acknowledgement

Finally, once the transaction is complete, one needs to wait for the acknowledgement, displayed on the screen and sent across as an email.

Therefore, as it is evident, renewing a motor insurance policy online is hassle-free, quick and convenient compared to the offline mode. Regardless, there are certain other benefits of opting for the online mode to renew your bike insurance plan.

Advantages of renewing bike insurance plans online

Elaborated below are some of the most prominent benefits of renewing motor insurance plans online.

Timely notifications

Individuals do not have to worry about forgetting the renewal date with the online mode. They get timely notifications regarding the due date. As a result, one can plan the payment horizon conveniently without any hassle.

Access to No-claim Bonus

Renewing your bike insurance policy online or offline on time ensures access to No-claim Bonus (NCB). That you have accumulated throughout the policy tenor.

Now that you know how to renew bike insurance online along with the associated benefits, take a look at some of the factors to consider while renewing motor insurance plans.

Things to factor in while renewing bike insurance policies

Highlighted below are some essentials to keep in mind regarding bike insurance policy renewal.

  • Do not wait for the expiry date. Once you receive the notification from the insurance company. It is ideal to act on it quickly and get the renewal done at the earliest.
  • Consider re-evaluating the policy coverage. At the time of renewal, policyholders have the liberty to decrease or increase the level of coverage as per the requirements. One can also consider including add-ons covers to the policy based on the necessity.
  • Make sure to correct or change all details as required. For instance, if the policyholder has shifted to a new place. He/she must change the address details at the time of renewal.

By the Motor Vehicles Act, individuals riding an uninsured bike can get up to 3 months of imprisonment or be fined Rs. 2,000 or both. The government has implemented such laws to make Indian roads safer for riding and driving.

Therefore, to avoid litigation issues and financial troubles resulting from third-party or own-bike damages. It is crucial to purchase a suitable motor insurance plan and renew it on time. Such a policy comes with several perks, such as personal accident cover, third-party liability cover, protection against theft, fire and natural disasters, etc.

One can compare among several two wheeler insurance providers before deciding on one that offers considerable coverage against a reasonable premium amount. Alongside, one should also use online bike insurance premium calculators to make an informed decision

Although policy renewal can be done offline. The online mode is far easier, faster, convenient and requires minimum to no paperwork. The steps discussed in this piece will help policyholders renew their bike insurance policy online without much hassle. Also discussed are some key advantages of renewing insurance policies online and things to keep in mind to ease the renewal process.

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