Getting Amazon Reviews For Your Kindle Books

Getting Amazon Reviews For Your Kindle Books

This essay on Kindle book reviews will show you how to increase your number of reviews by using tried-and-true tactics used by publishers and successful self-published authors. Amazon and other booksellers have permitted these methods, and they do not violate Amazon's terms of service.

Additionally, you will learn how to avoid having your account terminated and how to remove certain sorts of negative reviews. You can go to a book writer provided, but this would be enough.

Determine where your customers congregate and distribute your book there.

If you do not already have a list of subscribers or followers to whom you may send your Kindle books and solicit reviews, you should immediately begin building one.

One of the simplest ways to get reviews for your book is to find out where your customers hang out and then give away your kindle books for free.

Assume you've authored a book about DOWN SYNDROME. All you have to do now is search for "Disabled" pages and groups on Facebook, where you'll discover a plethora of Facebook groups to join and communicate with other members. This is where the majority of your prospective clients for your kindle books will be located.

The secret is to offer these folks your kindle books for free and then contact them to seek an honest review of the book, which they can then write on Amazon.

You can either give them your book as a gift (as Amazon offers)or send them a gift card to purchase your book. This is the most valuable review you can get, so you want to encourage people to buy a kindle version of your book.

Similarly, you may utilise the internet to locate discussion boards and forums where you can freely distribute your kindle novels. You may find these boards with a Google search.

These Websites Will Provide You With Free Amazon Reviews in Exchange for Submitting Your Kindle Book—Keywords Usage

Additionally, your Kindle novels may rank better for all of their keywords. Utilizing these straightforward tactics for acquiring Amazon reviews has resulted in several purchases.

Compile a list of websites that will accept your Kindle book in exchange for a free review. Some may post a review on Amazon, while others will promote your Kindle book on their website, resulting in more sales for your Kindle book.

Nobody can guarantee that all of them will, but if you try with some of them and send some of my books, you may see some positive results that make it worthwhile for some books.

Bear in mind that although some of these sites accept just Kindle books, others allow paperback and hardcopy books.

The links below will take you straight to the submission form for each site, where you may submit your kindle novels. You need to complete the necessary paperwork and send them your Kindle books.

Online Book Club
Reader's Favorite
Foreword Reviews
Alice Marvels
The Indie Bookshelf
I Love YA Fiction
iPen Designs
Book Pleasures
Uncustomary Book Reviews
Kindle Book Review

You can find reviews for your book in a variety of methods. You can contact top reviewers, target free book review sites, or approach book bloggers, as we've seen.

You can have a Launch team

You might find that forming a launch team is the most effective approach to gathering reviews quickly.

Your launch team is a crew of people who have committed to reading your book ahead of time. They have the responsibility to read your kindle book and leave a review of it as soon as it goes live.

When it comes to assembling a launch team, it's all about building long-term relationships. This is why, to create an effective launch team, you should value your early-bird reviewers' relationships.

Social Proof & Credibility

Assume you're going out to a great dinner and you have a choice of two places. One of them has star reviews, excellent Yelp reviews, and even Google Maps reviews.

The other restaurant appears to be excellent from the outside, but it lacks a website, and you know no one who has visited. You have no idea who the chef is, and your sole source of information regarding the meal is the entire menu printed outside the door.

Which restaurant do you intend to visit?

The same is true for books.

Would you instead buy the book with 50 5-star reviews or the one with no thoughts at all if you had to choose?

People want to read novels that others have already read. A book with a good number of reviews, a compelling blurb, and a lot of consumer feedback will do well.

A book with no reviews isn't always a terrible book, but it won't have the same appeal as one that receives excellent reviews regularly.

Have an impact on search algorithms

Google comes in first, followed by YouTube and Amazon.

When customers use Amazon, the search algorithm determines what they are the ones who see firsthand reviews are an important part of that process.

The majority of authors write books to market themselves rather than to sell copies. If this is the case, people looking for information about your book topic are crucial.

The higher your ranking, the more likely your book will be discovered. And the more people who find your book, the more likely it is that it will sell.

Do not attempt to scam Amazon.

Amazon is a smart company. Their algorithm isn't a joke, and you'll be caught if you try to cheat them. They get out of their way to discover and remove any review that a natural person doesn't make, and they're excellent at it.

Amazon also has a strict no-tolerance policy regarding reviews that are intended to deceive or influence buyers. They don't hold when it comes to eliminating reviews that breach the guidance.

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