5 Marketing Tips to Advertise Your Martial Arts School

5 Marketing Tips to Advertise Your Martial Arts School

Ready to “kick” your martial arts school marketing into high gear? Whether you just need to add a few new students or want to expand your studio, here are five marketing strategies to help you advertise your martial arts school.

Get social on social media

Did you know that 72% of people living in the U.S. use social media? That’s a huge audience base! And if you want to distribute information to the most people — like your martial arts advertising materials — social media is a great tool. Since you’re busy running a martial arts school, Facebook post templates make designing your marketing materials a breeze.

Facebook post templates are the fastest and easiest way to design professional marketing social media posts to advertise your martial arts school. Simply choose the template you like best, fill in your information, and you’re ready to hit post!

You can use social media to post anything from the types of classes you offer and the preferred age groups to pricing and contact information.

While you’re designing great Facebook posts, don’t forget one of the main words in social media: “social." Remember to comment on others’ posts, respond to comments on your posts, reply to direct messages, and interact with other people. That’s the best way to engage with potential customers and make them want to take your classes.

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Beef up your website

You work out your muscles to get better at karate, and you should do the same for your website. Your martial arts school website is the homebase for all your marketing efforts. If someone wants more information about your classes, they’ll look to your website. So make sure it’s easy to use!

If you’re not sure what kind of information to include on your website, think about some of the most common questions your students ask. Then, upload the answers to your website. The more information potential students can find on your website, the more likely they’ll sign up for your classes.

Speaking of signing up for classes, make sure it’s easy for students to sign up for your classes, preferably online right from your website. Things on the internet are supposed to be easy. If you make signing up for a class as easy as filling out an online form without ever leaving your website, you’ll have more students than you know what to do with!

Once your website is as strong as your karate kicks, include it on all your advertising materials. The goal of all your social media and physical advertising should be to send traffic to your website where potential students can learn about your class offerings and how to sign up.

Offer a referral program

One of the best marketing tools you could possibly ask for is right in your studio! Your current students are the perfect people to talk up your martial arts school and get more people to sign up for your classes.

With a referral program, you can incentivize your students to tell everyone they know to sign up for your classes. For example, you could offer your current students a free month of classes for every person they get to sign up. It won’t take long before all their friends and family will be saying “hi-yah!” in your classes.

Perform demos at local schools and events

Martial arts is more impressive in person. It’s one thing to see a cool picture on social media or on a flyer, but it’s quite another to see someone actually break a few boards! If you want to get more people to sign up for your classes, you have to show them what makes martial arts so impressive with a demo.

The best place to put on a demo is anywhere potential students spend their time. For example, local schools are great places for martial arts demos! If you show the kids what they can do with some practice, they’ll be begging their parents to sign them up the second they get home from school.

Host a public martial arts tournament

Tournaments are a great way to bring many martial arts schools and local businesses together to put on a spectacle for the community — and it brings several benefits to your students as well!

First, hosting a tournament allows you to work with other businesses in the area. See if they’ll help the tournament with sponsorships and prizes, like gift cards for the tournament winners. In exchange, you can offer some free advertising at your tournament. This helps establish a relationship between your martial arts school and local businesses, which you can use for advertising in the future!

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Second, tournaments give your students an opportunity to compete with students from other martial arts schools in the area. They’re used to working with your other students, so expanding their competition helps improve their skills. Plus, it’s more fun!

Finally, you can open your tournament for public viewing. The more people you attract to your tournaments, the more people who will see how well your students practice martial arts and will likely want to sign up for your classes.

In all, tournaments are a great way to expand your marketing reach, partner with local businesses and other schools, help your students improve, and hopefully get more signups. It’s a win for everyone!

Get more students for your martial arts school

All it takes to boost your martial arts school attendance is a few proven marketing efforts. Some of the best ways to advertise your martial arts school is by using great Facebook post templates, building a user-friendly website, start a referral program, put on local demos, and hosting martial arts tournaments. If you can do all that, you’ll have a studio packed with soon-to-be karate experts!

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