Free SEO Tools to choose keywords for SEO

free seo tools

Free SEO Tools to choose keywords for SEO
The web offers various free tools (SEO Tools) to choose keywords for SEO. Below we list the most used and complete.

Google Adwords keyword planning tools:

This free keyword picker tool is offered by Google Adwords and allows you to investigate various aspects of keywords, making it one of the most comprehensive free SEO tools on the net.

In particular, it is possible to see the search volume of a list of keywords entered and understand how much a certain keyword is sought after compared to its synonym.
You can also search for keyword ideas with this tool. By entering a keyword or a phrase, the system reports a list of related searches by proposing new keywords that may or may not be for you.

To use this tool, you must first create an Ad words account which is however free and associated with a gmail account.

Google Trends:

The second free keyword research SEO tool that we present to you is again made available by Google.

Google Trends shows the volume of searches made by users on Google for a certain keyword entered, up to a maximum of five at the same time.
A very useful feature of this tool is to be able to select a specific time period on which to analyze the search volume of keywords. This allows you to identify the seasonality of searches and understand any variations in traffic deriving from a specific keyword.

Google Trends searches can also be analyzed based on different geographical areas, cities, languages, categories and dates.

Furthermore, Google Trends offers the possibility to investigate terms related to the one entered, thus providing new ideas for the definition of keywords for SEO.

This tool is particularly interesting for searches that involve the latest trends and do not yet have a suitable history to be included in the Google Adwords keyword planning tool.

Word Tracker:

Word Tracker is a paid service but it also has a more limited free version.
The free version allows you to enter your main keyword and suggests terms related to this and popular in searches. It also sorts the results according to the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) which evaluates the effectiveness of a keyword in bringing traffic to the website taking into account the search volume and competition on the same. The highest KEI value is given by a high search volume and low competition. Given this ratio, a value is then calculated to be assigned to each keyword which is defined as the effectiveness of the keyword.

The free version, unlike the paid version, does not keep the results in memory for future use, only provides 100 suggestions and provides suggestions (related terms) by entering only one keyword at a time.


Übersuggest is another great free SEO tool for SEO keyword selection that can be especially useful for finding new keyword ideas.
Entering a given keyword, this SEO Tool provides a list of suggestions sorted from A to Z useful to increase the volume of the keyword list or to get new ideas in selecting keywords for SEO.


This is another useful free SEO Keyword Research Tool for SEO. This free tool is particularly interesting as it provides more data of various kinds.
Once the main keyword has been entered, it shows a list of related keywords also indicating the search volume of the same, the annual trend and, last but not least, the list of domains that are present among the searches for that particular keyword, then a list of any competitors. Read Review Here

Spy on your competitors when Choosing Keywords for SEO:

In SEO it is essential to spy on competitors, especially in the choice of keywords.
Those who work in marketing are now used to keeping an eye on competitors and studying the behavior of competitors. It is equally important to spy on competitors to choose the right keywords for SEO.

Google always has the answer you are looking for. The Google Adwords keyword planner allows you to see what kind of keywords your competitors have used on their websites.

First of all it is necessary to carefully choose the right online competitors who compete for the reference keyword. For example, if you have a small e-commerce, you will not be interested in competing for the keyword earphones with websites such as Wikipedia or large general e-commerce such as Amazon. It is therefore necessary to choose direct competitors.
To do this, you can simply start by doing an online search with the most important reference keywords and exclude domains that are not direct competitors.

Once you have identified the domains of your competitors of interest, you can do a search in the Google Adwords keyword planning tool under "Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category".
By entering the competitor's domain under website, Google will report a list of keywords identified within the website and used by the relevant competitors that may be useful for updating your list and giving you new ideas.

Pay attention to geo location when choosing keywords for SEO:

A very important aspect when choosing SEO keywords is geo location.

If the reference products, the services offered or the topics covered on the website to be positioned have a geographical value then it is very important to locate the SEO keywords.
It is therefore necessary to create and use combinations that contain keywords and places.

Example, if my website presents online what can be bought in my electronics store in Milan then I will have to create geo-localized combinations to intercept those users who want to buy earphones and are located in Milan. I will therefore use keywords such as: Milan blue tooth earphones, Buy Milan wireless headphones, Milan earphones, etc ...


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