Content Marketing Metrics to Track In 2022

Content Marketing Metrics

Content marketing is gaining popularity with every passing day. Every business knows and understands the importance of content marketing. Now the question arises: does everyone know the proper way of doing it? If you are making efforts without knowing your target and results, how can you succeed? It's necessary to check your metrics to ensure that your content marketing strategies are working. If you ignore the metrics, you might lose several benefits and readers.

Metric NO 1: Track Your Traffic

It is very well known that all your marketing is for gaining more traffic. If you get more traffic, then automatically, your site will grow.

It's vital to monitor traffic on your site regularly. Through this, you can get an idea about the improvements you need to make on your site to increase the audience.

Always check the primary source from where your traffic is coming. Find which category of content results in bringing more views and audience. Once you know the likings of your audience, it will become easy for you to grow and survive.

Different kinds of tools are available on the internet to check this data. You can also use google analytics, one of the most popular tools, to find out your site's analytics.

Google Analytics gives you each detail of every minor and significant activity on your site related to traffic sources and their behaviors. You can use this data to find new strategies and make necessary changes to existing ones.

Metric NO 2: Track Your Backlinks

You may be told that backlinks do not hold as much importance as other strategies. But I am happy to realize and tell you that it has great significance in the content marketing world.

Keep checking that which sites are linking you. If you are linked by a more genuine and more extensive site, it will increase the life and authenticity of your content. You will observe a rapid boost in your views. The stronger a backlink is, the more benefit you can get from it.

You can check your linking by going to the links to your site option on the Google search console. Keep on checking it and also update your content after some time. By doing this, your content remains up to date and evergreen.

This also helps you in SEO. SEO is compulsory for successful content marketing, so backlinks also benefit.

Metric NO 3: Track Your E-mails

E-mails are still not as popular as other content marketing metrics. But it is the right time to give it the importance it should be given. Many marketers do not know how much value an e-mail can add to their business.

Have a look at all the successful marketers around you. Every one of them uses e-mails to promote their business. E-mail subscriptions hold great value in this industry.

Usually, people get more interested in your content while reading an e-mail about it than after that; there are more chances that they will dive deep into it. This way, you will get their attention by making a minimum effort.

Try to get more e-mail subscriptions and then write valuable content to get their attention and engage them. Also, keep tracking your data to know how well your e-mails are doing and how many people are interested in them.

You can also use any software for your e-mail marketing. It makes the whole process easy and time-saving.

Metric NO 4: Track Your Bounce Rate

The term "Bounce Rate" itself is not very satisfying, and there is no way it can prove to be suitable for your site.

The term Bounce Rate describes how many people left your site right after clicking on it. Now you know that it can be disturbing for a business owner who wants more people to come and stay on their website.

There may be a lot of reasons for a viewer to leave your site. For an instance

  1. Maybe your website has a low loading speed, which is irritating for most viewers.
  2. It is also possible that a viewer left your website because he did not find the quality of your content good enough, or maybe he is looking for something else.
  3. It is also a possibility that your website is not structured correctly.

Whatever the issue is, you will only solve it if you know exactly what the problem is. For this, it is mandatory to get the data of bounce rate. You can find this data by going to the option "Landing Pages" available on your site.

The moment you figure out the problem, you can solve it. Try to solve all the errors occurring on your site in a minimum time so that you can save views on your website.

Metric NO 5: Track Time on Page

Most probably, your website has content on various topics. It is important to figure out how much time your viewers spend on your different pages. It tells you about their interests and priorities.

There should be a few articles on your website performing way better than you ever thought. Check those articles. Look what viewers are interested in. Find out what the difference between this and other articles is? Why is this performing better?

To Conclude-

All these questions will answer what you need to know to better your content and website.

Also, have a thorough look at the articles that are not performing as well as you expected. Try to find flaws in them. See if there is any mistake in content or its structure? All these baby steps are crucial for the stability of your website. Your viewer should always be your first and foremost priority. So always make sure to provide them the excellent quality content.

Google Analytics helps to get all this data. It is an excellent tool to get all the required data.

You can contact different companies to guide you with all the content marketing basics in-depth. SEO company India provides these services. You can contact experts too. All this will help you in this race of content marketing.

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