What Are The Top Trends In Digital Marketing For 2021?

Top Trends In Digital Marketing

The digital marketing landscape of 2021 will be greatly affected by the global turmoil of 2020. Brands are dealing with an entirely new landscape of consumer behavior, influenced by technological advances and mass social movements.

As the global pandemic has increased the pace of change over the years, digital transformation has become a reality for organizations of all types in the past year. The future trends you used to guide your digital marketing strategy may not be relevant, while entirely new concerns have emerged that require our attention.

Consumer demands and habits have changed dramatically. In this column, we'll look at the latest news at the moment and where you should plan to spend your money in the coming quarters to stay ahead of the competition.

Top Trends Of Digital Marketing For 2021

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1. The popularity of voice and video searches has grown:

Consumers are increasingly using voice-activated tools like Alexa to conduct searches. Perhaps this is because individuals are stuck at home with few opportunities to communicate, or perhaps because this type of technology is more readily available.

However, we may expect other creative search methods, such as visual search, to climb to the top in 2021, in addition to voice search. Consumers can use tools like Google Lens to search for anything they can see.

This means that image alt text and sitemaps will become more important to marketers. Visual elements will become increasingly important in the SEO game over the next year.

2. In Google SERPs, pay attention to the "featured snippet":

From the map pack to “shopping” results to YouTube featured videos, the various SERP scores have been vehicles, all while competing with more and more sponsored content as Google favors its paying customers.

However, there's a new kid in the block: a "featured snippet" of the highlighted text that Google uses to answer a user's query without the user having to click anything. Of course, this presents a challenge for digital marketers:

How do you get the brand message in front of customers if they can receive answers without clicking anything?

The goal is to rank the "featured snippet", which provides just enough information to spark user curiosity and encourage them to click for additional information.

3. Smart digital automation goes beyond simple replication:

Simply automating processes to reduce redundancy is no longer enough for SEO professionals and digital marketers. The number of consumer contacts and touchpoints has exploded a crucial digital trend.

The amount of data we need to evaluate has gone up exponentially. Deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, and robotic process automation (RPA) are driving advances in search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing workflows as a result.

The goal of intelligent automation is to eliminate the need for humans to make every decision.

4. Improve content quality and speed to gain an advantage:

It is not always true that more is better, especially when it comes to content. As a result, any approach to scaling content marketing must consider speed and quality in equal proportions.

Compared to your more productive competitors, if you put in a lot of effort and think about your content but can only publish once a month, you will miss out on a lot of opportunities to appear in search, social networks, email, and other channels.

However, we understand the value of expertise, authority, and trust (E-A-T) in materials. It is pointless to produce a large amount of low-quality information. Instead, consider what needs to be improved and implemented to produce high-quality content at scale.

5. Adblocker battle:

By 2021, an estimated 27 percent of Internet users will have installed ad blockers, removing a significant source of money for many digital marketing experts and their clients. While not everyone or every traffic source will be affected, enough digital marketers will feel the sting of a high-stakes game of chess.

We are all familiar with the mechanics of arms races. Marketers will figure out how to get around ad blockers, leading adblock developers to improve their products and fill in the gaps… just in time for marketers to discover new flaws to exploit.

Forget about being a hacke. In 2021, if you enjoy eluding security and defying authority, consider becoming a digital marketer.

6. Messaging with "Values":

The societal upheaval of 2020 is raising public awareness to a new level. Consumers want to know where their favorite business stands on politics, issues of racial and gender identity, and traditional values.

Rather than striving to please everyone else, we expect companies to take sides to attract their audience and turn them into rabid fans. Yes, they will attract quite a few fanatics, but in the wake of the Twitter boycott, brands may find it safe to wear their principles on their sleeves and find their tribe.

7. Short and sweet DIY videos:

TikTok has changed the social media landscape away from status updates and curated photo networks and towards short video posts. Other sites soon followed suit, with Instagram launching its own Reels feature and Youtube adopting the shorts format.

The nice thing about these short videos is that anyone with a smartphone can put together a quick video that isn't quite finished.

8. Focus on your target audience:

Over a year, social media users became tired, nervous, and even sad as a result of the constant barrage of content in their feeds. Others have gone so far as to cancel their accounts.

Those who stay are bombarded with commercials, campaigns, and news regularly, and to say their social feeds are saturated is an understatement.

Consider how many sales posts each person encounters in a two-minute roll, and how and why your posts will stand out. If your strategy focuses on interacting with your existing audience and growing your database, you will find that your message reaches the people who are most interested in what you do.


As the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, it is crucial to understand some of the expected trends before planning your digital marketing strategy for 2021. Start by including the above trends in your digital marketing plan.

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