How Has Technology Changed Our Lives?

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With the ongoing and rapid technological advances, it is safe to say that the impact on our lives is quite humongous. Rather than supporting just survival, it is amazing to observe how technology has taken over every significant walk of our lives.

To evolve and keep up with the pace of recent trends, one is required to be technology-oriented. The roots of technology within the society have manifested so deeply that going back to basics can seem quite redundant. Humans are so briskly and swiftly adapting to these changes that smooth facilitation without technological advances is next to impossible.

Technological innovations can be observed with human interface platforms, healthcare sectors, appliances used in household chores and many other focuses of life. Human society thrives and evolves on these aspiring technology evolutions that are constantly modified to fit the considerable demands.

However, this tenaciousness and dependence come with a price to pay. The extent of technology comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

What are the negative impacts of technology on our daily lives?

While technology benefits us largely, it can have certain negative consequences as well. This negative impact can be measurable in any age group of the population. The main issue is the prolonged dependency which makes the target population yet more vulnerable to further harm and damage.

Various studies have been conducted on these negative impacts of technological advances over the due course of time. Some of these key cons of technology have been enlisted below:

Mental health concerns-

Technological platforms come up with attractive details to entice the audience. Various networking sites offer a direct perspective into people's lives. However, this reality cannot be measured up with the true reality of life that goes behind the scenes.

Studies have shown that a larger group of population is in constant comparison with others as per the content displayed on these channels. This trend also rose with the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in a pattern of social isolation.

This has also significantly contributed to the rise in mental health issues. Another classic example is that students who struggle to learn complex software have to spend hours on the internet to watch tutorials to obtain technology management assignment help.


Social media addiction is not very uncommon these days. Be it a young person or an adult; there is a lot available on social media platforms to keep the audience hooked to the matter. Phones are the first things that reach out to grab immediately after getting up from sleep.

The habit of staying on phones for a longer duration has manifested a pattern of curiosity amongst individuals. This leads to addiction and spending long hours on mobile devices.

Sleep pattern has been significantly impacted, reflecting its side effects on the personality and mood of the person. Therefore, technological advances can be considered a major contributing factor for insomnia in individuals.


Technological advances have made our lives simpler by enabling plausible solutions. However, this has made us lazybones. Many technological advances have made us less mobile resulting in a sedentary lifestyle pattern. This is also contributing to various chronic impairments and increasing the health scare significantly.

Emotional disconnect-

Technology has decreased the one-on-one touch of human experience and interaction. With a busy life and technology addiction, people are unable to make personal time for each other on a regular basis for engagement.

Integrity concerns-

Technological advances have made all possible details readily available with just a click away. This makes you more exposed as opposed to safeguarding your privacy. With easy access to vital information, chances of hacking also rise considerably. This makes us quite vulnerable to a risk of exposure and privacy concerns.

What are the positive impacts of technology on our daily lives?

Technological advances have also helped us in shaping our future significantly. There are many positive impacts of technology that can be observed within various fields of life. Some of these common fields of transition include the health sector, education sector, financial and economic sectors, and overall productivity.

Technology Changed Our Lives

Health sector advances-

Healthcare industry has been digitalized significantly as compared to the primitive modes of patient care. This importance has also surfaced largely during touch and unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is all because of these advances the accessibility of care provision has also improved remarkably. Many health tracking applications have also advanced in recent times to support and advocate for positive healthcare outcomes. The impact is also evident on a long-term basis in improving patient care with early detection and prevention of ailments.

The best positive impact can be noted as improved life expectancy amongst the generalized population group. This has also made it easier for medication dispersion and reconciliation on a regular basis. Various technology platforms have made it easier and simpler for physicians to provide regular follow-ups for the patients while enabling constant care and support.

Education sector advances-

The use of technology has made education a more fun learning experience rather than being monotonous and redundant for students. This also has simplified things for teachers to help students learn the fundamentals of the subject that can be confusing and challenging.

The use of various E-learning platforms has also helped in collaborative and engaging communication between teachers and students. They can easily obtain technology management assignment help for planning and preparing their college assignments as well as for accomplishing the learning objectives.

Financial sector advances-

This has helped banking and other related financial sectors. The ease of transfer of monetary funds at your fingertips. This has also helped in ensuring a positive customer experience with ease of business.

It can also be safe to say that technology use has also ensured financial transparency with effective tracing options for monetary funds. This has also been helpful in reducing incidences of cybercrime.

Framing and produce advances-

This has been revolutionized as digital farming. Digital technology has provided farmers with the means to learn tips and techniques to grow their productivity significantly.

This has also helped in growing hybrid produce and enabling a good technique of genetic farming. This has also been useful in improving the values of the crops for farmers and keeping up with the demand and supply chain.

The drastic revolution in technology has been significant in terms of overall impact. Modernization and urbanization go hand in hand. Thus, technology will invade and embrace us with ongoing changes. The outcome depends on what we make most of the same.

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