How to Design a Logo in 5 Easy Steps

How to Design a  Logo in 5 Easy Steps

When you have set your blog or website up, you need to design an astonishing logo. The Logo of your blog or website is intrinsically valuable. That’s why every brand has its unique logo. The logo defines the nature of your brand, its personality and helps in audience interaction.

No matter how small or how great a blogger you are, you need a personal logo. You can use the same logo for different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram. So, you can market your blog or product on those platforms.

Here are 5 reasons why the logo of your brand is so important:

  • It makes you stand out
  • It introduces your audience to your brand
  • It helps you to build a relationship with your audience
  • It helps you to market your brand.
  • It establishes your brand identity.

There are three major types of Logos i.e., Icon Logos, Logo Design, and Combination Marks. Icon Logos (Or Icon-based logos) are logos in which the icons like symbols, mascots, etc. are used.

Whereas in the Name logo, you will use Wordmarks, monograms, etc. It is the most common type of Logo you will see. It is also known as Wordmark Logo. In the wordmark logo, your Brand personality gets reflected through the font it uses, its style, its color, etc. The combination Marks means the combination of both symbols and words.

The Reason the Name Logo is the most used type is that it works the best. Having your Company name on your logo will quickly build your brand identity. But, You should create the Logo depending on the type of Blog.

For example, if you have a Personal Blog then you can add a personal touch in the Wordmark you are using. You can make it hand-drawn, use your unique font style, make it look like your own signature, and many more. Whereas, if your blog is a business blog then you must give priority to your existing business logo. Because your audience has acquaintance with that logo. If you want to add something extra, then you can create variation in that.

There is no one formula to make a logo. You must make your logo according to your brand and its market. Though there is no one simple formula, there are 5 easy steps through which you can create a logo. Here are the 5 easy steps:

1. Know your Audience

You must know the wants and desires of your audience. Their desires must guide every action of your blog. The same goes for the logo design. Firstly, get in the shoes of your audience and understand their psychology.

Once you crack this, you will know about their reaction to your logo. Make them resonate with your Logo. Your Name Logo should match your audience's identity. If your audience includes children, then you can add some funny fictional characters to your logo. In the case of a formal audience, you can’t do it, you will have to design your logo in an informal style.

Knowing your audience is not at all a difficult process. Just analyze the traffic, to which segment of people your blog is providing value, and their demographics from insights sections. It is the most important part of your logo designing journey.

Once you make them identify with your brand, you have completed a major part of building a connection with your audience. Your blogs will do the rest. Once you know their demographic and psychographic details, move to the next step.

2. Choose a color palette that will go with your brand personality.

Colors are the representation of your brand personality. Visuals of the thing define its characteristics. You can tell whether the fruit is raw or ripe by just looking at its color. We all say, “Never judge a book by its cover.” But we all judge a book by its cover.

Your first impression is your last impression for anything you interact with. A study shows that in an interview, your first five seconds are sufficient to decide the results. Visuals govern the way we think about something.

Hence, be conscious while choosing the color for your logo. Colors trigger certain emotions. Red color triggers Excitement, strength, love, energy, power, ambition. Orange color triggers Confidence, success, creativity, adventure. Pink color reflects emotions like Warmth. Purple reflects luxury, wisdom, fantasy, etc.

Use a color combination that suits your brand. Choose colors according to the emotions you want to evoke in your audience.

3. Choose a font Suitable to the nature of your brand and your audience.

Choosing the right font is as important as choosing color. Both colors and font should go hand in hand. Because Both represent your brand to your audience. Your audience will see the Name on the logo first and then other visuals.

Choosing the right font will depend on the nature of your blog and your audience. You will choose the formal font for the Formal audience and the creative/funky font for the informal audience. Another thing to keep in mind is that your audience should recognize the font of your logo.

4. Make multiple versions

It’s always better to create multiple versions of the same logo. Because it will help you to choose the best one. Try different versions of fonts and colors. You can also test these logos by directly asking your audience.

If you have a community of audience then it's always better to ask their preference. Treat your audience as a guiding tool. These steps are harder to implement but this is how you will create a Logo that will work best for your brand.

5. Use A Logo designer tool to bring perfection

To make the above steps easier, use a logo designer tool. Designhill offers the best help to create Highly effective logo designs. It’s a creative marketplace that allows you to select different fonts and colors. You will get a professional Logo quickly. No matter if you have designing skills or not, it’s easy to use technology that allows you to create a logo like a professional. Designhill can create more versions for you so that you can select the best. You can make a perfect logo with it.

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