Online Marriage Matching Service Will Help You To Know Your Partner Better

Online Marriage Matching

Online marriage matching service helps you to find the right match based on your date of birth. Our services will give you match details. It focuses on the Ashta-Koota matching system and also checks Kuja-Dosha along with Dosha-Nakshatra. It also gives you compatibility estimates and suggestions.

Now you will find an analysis of doshas for married life and childbirth. as well as favourable planetary locations and outcomes from different perspectives. This is the only online tool that reviews Vedha-Nakshatras with Kuja-Dosham. This matching software also checks for the exceptions of Eka Nadi Dosha and Rashi Koota Dosha.

You can choose South Indian and North Indian style Kundal to check birth cards by marriage. Enter the man's date of birth and marriage and send it to check marriage compatibility. In northern India, it is Kundli Milan or Patri Milan. In southern India in Telugu it is Vadhu Vara Guna Melana, Jataka Pontana. in Tamil it is Thirumana porutham. In Malayalam, it is vivaaham pearuttappetunnat, and in Kannada, it is Honda Madura.

Importance of online marriage matching in India

Online marriage matching is the most important aspect of any Hindu wedding. Hindu astrology places great emphasis on Milan's Janam Kundali. It is before the couple gets married to ensure a happy and long family life. Love kundli match first came to existence by a family priest or a fortune-teller. But with online Kundali matching, it becomes very easy and fast to check the marriage compatibility of two people.

There are two ways to set the Kundali for boys and girls:

  1. Kundali matches by name
  2. Kundali Matches by date of birth

Love match online is a fundamental coincidence of marriages ending only with the bride and groom's name. It is also called Guna Milan by name, as it includes a marriage compatibility test, in which the bride's weapons are checked against their name.

Love matching test by date of birth, also known as Patrika's Matching, focuses on the ancient Ashtakuta method. It uses each other's dates of birth to determine the compatibility of two people. In western astrology, few peoples believe in using a love calculator. It is to find their results for compatibility with love and check the compatibility of zodiac signs with their partners. In addition, it is to understand their emotional, mental and physical compatibility.

Why do Hindu people trust online marriage matching before marriage?

Although the horoscope match by date of birth and name focuses on the result of Guna Milan, it is through a match calculator, the Kundali match by date of birth is more accurate and is always recommended.

In Hindu tradition, love matchmaking is the main ritual before marriage. Here the astrologers align the horoscopes (birth-chart) of the bride and groom. It is to see if their stars are in alignment for a successful and happy marriage. Often referred to as the Horoscope Match, Janam Kundli Milan, Patrimilan or Pistol Milan. the Kundli Wedding Match focuses on many factors that apply to determine the outcome of the Kundali Match, also known as Guni

Online marriage matching by date of birth and name is the best and most accurate method. It is for setting horoscopes and establishing compatibility between boys and girls. It is all about predicting the Shubh Muhurat for the wedding ceremony to enjoy a long and happy relationship.

The horoscope matching report focuses on three main factors:

  • Score from Guna Milan
  • Manglik Dosha's Presence
  • Power of Navamsa Grafik

The ashtakoot method, which is important for online marriage matching

Based on the date of birth of the bride and groom, the eight gunas or ashtats are using a marriage comparison calculator. In online marriage matching, there are eight Gunas that determine the fate of the marriage. These Gunas are

  • Varna - The first use compares the Varna, or caste of the bride and groom. This aspect also tells about the mental compatibility between the two.
  • Vashya - This Guna will help in determining which of the two is more dominant.
  • Tare - Birth stars or newlyweds are compared to determine the health of a relationship.
  • Yoni - This tool can be of use to establish sexual compatibility between potential partners.
  • GrahaMaitri - The intellectual and mental relationship between future spouses can be judged by Graha Maitri Guna Milan. it focuses on their name and date of birth.
  • Ghana - This Guna helps determine the compatibility of the two's personalities, behaviour, attitude, and approach.
  • Bhakoot - Bhakoot Guna predicts the state of financial well-being and family well-being after marriage. The direction of the career development of the newlyweds after marriage can also say this meaning.
  • Nadi -. It focuses on the health of the family after marriage. This guna is also used to check the topic of birth and descent.

You must score a good point in online marriage matching for better compatibility

For a happy, successful and happy marriage, the smallest result of the marriage horoscope matching must be between 18 and 24. If the result is below 18? then the marriage is not recommended. If the result is more than 24? this is the ideal number for a happy and carefree married life. Guna Milan results help in solving the chances of a happy and prosperous married life.

Love astrology is the best and most sought after way to generate accurate online horoscope match reports. However, when computers generate reports, they do not even cover minor errors or human problems. Here you can find an accurate marriage points calculator (Guna Mian). It generates Kundali reports which astrologers analyze. Moreover, it uses Gun Milan by Date of Birth, not Gun Milan by Name, to give you the most accurate and comprehensive results.

Online marriage matching is very common in India. We use the Kundal opportunity as a deciding factor in accepting marriage proposals. This is a comparison of the birth chart of two people, also called the Kundali Milan. Newlyweds in a future Kundli Match or Horoscope Match to see how stars affect your marriage. Which worship path should you follow to ensure their eternal family happiness? There are various reasons and factors why the matchmaking kundli should be there.

Kundli is also called Guna Milan. According to Hindu astrology, it is considered as the first step towards marriage. The Vedas give us the exact parameters to know whether marriage is preferable or not. There are estimates for each parameter.

Want to know how online marriage matching will help you in your life? Our astrologers will guide you

Now we have concluded. A post in which it is always advisable to consult a scientific astrologer before understanding and closing yourself. The parameter is none other than Gunas. Following this life plan can yield long-term benefits.

Each one coincides and ends with a result. When you compare horoscopes! So you compare between two birth charts. There is harmony in health, well-being, family life, spiritual life and career growth. How compatible a pair is depending only on these factors? Today's technological advancement that unites the world can compel you to choose your favorite life partner. But the main aspect is that our culture and Vedic sciences are put to the test.

In simple terms, the Kundalini opportunity is the relationship between two people. An astrologer finds this in an upcoming marriage. The present generation refers to it as Kundli matching for marriage. The concept dates back to Vedic times to understand how happy and healthy the relationship will be. This is the kind of analysis that ancient Indian sages would have done.

Marriage is very sacred in India, and everyone should get married after a certain age. Indian society mostly prefers arranged marriages rather than love marriages. So, Kundli matching is better to find a potential partner in this country. Some still say that the process of turning a marriage horoscope is the most reliable way to find the perfect partner, which in some ways is true.

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