7 Best SEO Tools To Optimize Your Website For Better Search Ranking

SEO Tools To Optimize Your Website

Search Engine Optimization stays as the master of your website to win the search ranking. Google updates its algorithm regularly to rank your website. So, implementing the latest SEO developments for your site is necessary to outrank your website from the competition. Here is the good news. There are a lot of excellent SEO tools to detect your website performance and grab the data required to improve your ranking.

Using the best SEO tools boost your organic traffic. Do you know an interesting fact? The key to building and sustaining organic traffic is to know the SEO tools to build your presence on SERP. The use of SEO tools makes your work simpler and ensures whether your website gets optimized on search engines.

SEO tools are available to track the following key factors of your website:

  • Keyword research
  • Link-building
  • Traffic analysis
  • Competitor analysis


In this article, we are going to see the uses of the well-performing, best seven SEO tools for better tracking of your website.

Perfect SEO Tools For Keyword Research

Keywords are the basic and essential factor to drive higher traffic for your website. No matter what your business is about, it is important to know your target audiences and theory interest to write the content. So, keywords play a major role in attracting your audience's attention.

Keyword Research

To find the perfect keyword, here are some different SEO tools to conduct research that provides accurate information to audiences.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is the most popular SEO tool that enables the user to conduct keyword research and find the right term to optimize your content. The use of SEMrush is simple! Just enter the word on the search bar, and it tells you the search volume, their difficulty, and potential to compete with your competitors. This data helps to build a strong keyword strategy to rank your website higher on search results.

SEMrush also has some additional features to audit your website by identifying the traffic sources and finding the quality of your backlinks.

2. Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner tool is extremely free for users having a Google account. The keyword planner has two main capabilities to grow your website. One is finding the right keyword, and the other is peeping into the keyword metrics.

For instance, when you enter a word related to your business, the Google Keyword Planner provides the list of suggested keywords with monthly search volume and the cost estimation per click. Use the best one suitable for your website to rank higher on SERP. Also, use this tool to get the keyword analytics data, such as the impression and clicks for your specific keyword.

3. Ubersuggest

Do you need to know about keywords without investing in SEO tools? Here comes Ubersuggest, which is a free program to gain data specific to your domain or a keyword. However, the Ubersuggest platform provides the volume of your keyword, the average cost per click, and the difficulty to rank on search results. Also, get the suggestions of long-tail keywords and the top ranking sites for the particular word.

Ubersuggest allows you to enter the required URL to analyze and provides the keywords that drive organic traffic. This SEO checker tracks your website evolution with the identification of quality backlinks and helps to optimize your site with the right SEO strategy.

4. Keyword.io

Keyword.io is a powerful SEO checker tool to run keyword research on different platforms like Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Alibaba. If you require keywords other than Google, Keyword.io will be the starting point for your website growth.

Use this SEO tool by typing a related keyword and selecting the specific region that you want to target. Then, Keyword.io provides you with plenty of long-tail keywords related to your search, where you can filter based on the platforms. To download the report, start investing on Keyword.io for using the Pro version.

Perfect SEO Analysis Tool For Link Building

SEO Analysis Tool For Link Building

If you want to win the competition on the search results, a perfect on-page and off-page SEO strategy are necessary to achieve it. Link-building remains an important factor to shine your website on top ranks of Google. The Off-page strategy for your website boosts authority with link-building techniques and improves your visibility on the search results.

Google considers your site as the best resource if you have more quality backlinks that gain organic views. Here are some SEO tools to analyze your backlink quality and quantity.

5. Moz Link Explorer

Generally, Moz is the SEO toolbox that offers the right data to improve your website SEO. The SEO toolbox on Moz helps to audit your website providing essential keyword metrics like search volume, SERP analysis, and ranking of top keywords. Apart from this, there is a powerful part called the Link Explorer, where you can find the backlink quality of your website.

Want to know whether your backlinks index on Google or not? Need your competitor’s link structure? No worries, Moz Link Explorer is here to solve your problems by providing the backlink data with improvement metrics to optimize your website.

SEO Checker Tool To Measure Organic Traffic

Your Website Audit

Organic traffic is the number of users visiting your site naturally without any reference, like advertising. It is an important factor to know the success of SEO in your website. To identify the exact metric of your website’s organic traffic, here comes the Google Search Console.

6. Google Search Console

Get the exact data of your website performance directly from Google using Google Search Console. The GSC tool displays all required data about how your website displays on the search engine result page.

For instance, you will get the keyword for which it ranks on SERP and the click-through rate.

In addition, you will get the potential of your site indexing on Google and also the site linking to yours. Kindly note that tracking of all data on the Google Search Console is free!

Best SEO Tool For Your Website Audit

The only way to gain improvement in your website SEO is to find the performance on the SERP. What’s the way to know this data? It is only by auditing your website with the best SEO tool.

Website auditing is nothing but finding how Google crawls your website content. Using tools to audit your website finds errors and provides solutions to fix those problems by taking your website to success. The site audit provides the loading speed and your content quality. Among several tools, Ahrefs remains the best one!

7. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the most powerful SEO tool to audit your website. The working of Ahrefs is, it crawls each page of your website and provides a clear report. Ahrefs SEO checker tool offers a variety of features from detecting your overall website health to analyzing your website for better performance.

An important feature of Ahrefs is, it shows the potentiality of your internal and external links. Know your slow loading pages, broken links, and other error pages with the use of Ahrefs. The use of the Ahrefs package explores your site with the data on your website traffic, keywords, backlinks, and your competitions.

Wrapping Up

SEO is a puzzle to detect your website's success. Use the best SEO tools given in the above article to measure organic traffic, find the right keyword, understand your competitors, and analyze your whole website.

Are you ready to shine your website on the search results? Use the powerful free SEO tools and know the Google algorithm to adapt your site accordingly. SEO success comes while making the right changes at the right time with a site audit. Better use the tools to find the right SEO strategy responsible for success.

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