Best Guide To Tender HDB Contractors for Home Renovation

Tender HDB Contractors

Are you thinking about renovating the home? If yes, the next big question is how to tender good HDB Contractors for home redevelopment? A good contractor ensures that the redevelopment work gets completed well within the desired time and budget.

However, there are many challenges like finding quality work, decent experience, and good pricing while looking for contractors. But you need not worry because we have curated a detailed step-by-step guide to hire good HDB contractors for home renovation. Go through the below guide to find out the steps!

Step By Step Guide To Tender HDB Contractors for Home Renovation

Where To Find HDB Renovation Contractors?

You can find reputable renovation contractors near your location with the help of online research. Simply search for "best HDB contractors near me" and get the results. After finding the suitable ones, the next step is making sure they are registered with the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

To check it, go to the HDB website and search the company name on the "Directory of Renovation Contractors" page. If there is a match, the contractor is licensed from HDB.

Moreover, people among your friends and social circles who recently renovated their house can provide some good recommendations. Additionally, individuals at the building materials department in a nearby hardware store can guide you to select good companies for house remodeling.

How Much Renovation Costs?

House renovation involves multiple types of projects like repair, restoration, modernising, improvement, etc. Hence, the cost varies according to the type of the desired service. In addition, different contractors offer their services at different rates. Therefore, it is difficult to tell a fixed figure for the redevelopment cost.

However, do not compromise on the quality of services to save money. So, if an HDB contractor provides the services at higher charges, it is still a better alternative than the non-licensed one.

Check The Contractors' Background

The contractors have to complete certification programs; to get licensed from the Housing and Development Board (HBD). Thus, they are well versed in the practises that help to promote property development. In addition, the HDB approved ones provide you with 100% compliance with the prescribed rules and guidelines.

Reputable HDB contractors have a good amount of experience in the remodeling industry. So, they are familiar with remodeling various types of HDB flats. Consequently, they provide you with good finishing in their work without damaging the property.

So, before contacting the companies, do the research and make sure they are trusted and reliable. A good approach to know this is by going through their work history, contracts, references, etc. In this way, you have a better idea about the quality of work you can expect from the contractor.

Analyze The Contractors' Experience Level

Renovations can take months to complete. Also, they require a considerable monetary investment. So, it is better to go through the experience level of the renovation contractors; before selecting them for a project. Choose a contractor with a minimum of 5 years of experience; to complete the home remodeling well within the desired budget and time frame.

After spending so much time in the industry, the contractors have a better idea of dealing with renovation projects. Additionally, the skills of the crew members become more polished. That's why you should avoid the amateurs and go with an experienced contractor for home remodeling.

Estimate Project Completion Time

Before selecting an HDB contractor, ask them for a detailed description of the tasks they will be completing throughout the renovation process. Also, know about the time frame in which they claim to complete the project.

It is profitable to choose a contractor that completes the project in a minimum amount of time. Everyone wants to get the renovations as soon as possible because arranging accommodation somewhere else is very costly, especially for a long time. However, keep in mind, do not compromise over the quality of the work to reduce the time frame.

Go Through The Contractors' Reviews

Reviews are a good way to get to know about the company's services. If the users post positive reviews about an HDB contractor, it means their services are satisfactory.

On the other hand, if the reviews are negative, it implies the company's services are not up to the mark. Also, go through different testimonials present on the contractors' website; to get an idea about their services.

Do A Site Visit To Nearby Project In Progress

Doing a site visit to see an ongoing project provides a better idea about the type of work you can expect from the HDB renovation contractor. So, communicate with the contractor and ask them for a site visit of any ongoing projects in the nearby locations.

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In addition, discuss various elements of the project with the contractor; that you like or dislike. Accordingly, assist them to include or remove those during house remodeling. Therefore, it is better to visit a site to see the construction workers in action; and have a glance at the company's work.

Discuss Guarantees and Warranties

Reputable HDB contractors assure that the quality of services will be top-notch, and in accordance with the budget. They provide an "Implied Warranty" that assures that the house will be renovated in a way; to offer acceptable workmanship and a certain quality level. Also, they confirm that the renovated space is suitable and safe for the residents.

Moreover, find out the materials covered under warranty. As you have to purchase a lot of them, getting a warranty can save a lot of money in case of a malfunction. Additionally, the costs of various types of materials used in renovation are very high, so it is better to have a cushioning of guarantee and warranty.


The most important part of a home renovation project is selecting a good HDB contractor. The tips provided in the above guide help to analyse the services of different renovation contractors to choose the most suitable one. Home remodeling requires huge investment in terms of both time and money; so it is essential to hand over the project to a reputable contractor. With the help of an online search, experienced HDB contractors can be found near your locality. Therefore, reach out to them and convert your dream house into reality.

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