10 Best Phone Spy Apps for Android and iPhone in 2022

Best Mobile Phone Spy Apps

Mobile Spyware Apps or Spy Apps receive apprehension and cynicism because of their ethical and unethical parts. After all, spying screams for looking at scandals. The large scale of illegal camera access and hacking has taken IT professionals and big entrepreneurs by storm of anxiety.

The Best Mobile Phone Spy Apps also can track both incoming and outgoing calls, locations, and SMS. As these apps stay undetectable to the end-user, they won't get it when someone is tracking them down. With these types of apps, it is possible to track browser activity, WhatsApp, Facebook messages, etc. So, it has its dangerous side.

But, like everything, these apps are exceptional tools for using both good and bad purposes. If it's to track down criminal or illegal activity, then these tools become a ray of hope. Though, if an individual uses it for the wrong reasons, it can turn things out for the worse.

Here are the Best Spy Apps for Android and iPhone in 2022 that have some popular features:


In recent years, mSpy is a wonderful phone spying app that has come out for its basic yet smooth monitoring features. It has a huge fan base among parents as a wonderful parental monitoring app. Though it is one of the Best Spying Apps for Parents, it has limited features to offer.

All the basic features of any spyware apps are present in mSpy, like location tracking, cell phone monitoring, multimedia file monitoring, etc. But, it doesn't have any advanced features like call recording. However, it is possible to control various programs and apps remotely on a planted device with mSpy.


Want to get full access to a person's Facebook and Instagram account? uMobix is here to grant complete access. With uMobix, users can get into any account and click on the button as they want. It means they get access to managing accounts, adding friends, adjusting settings or deleting followers, etc.

If there's an app that works perfectly for iOS and Android, it is UMobix. Installing uMobix is also hurdle-free. As it has no bugs, monitoring becomes easy. So, no more jailbreaking when it comes to iOS devices, unlike other spying apps. All you need is your iCloud ID and password for starting the monitoring process when the backup is performed.


One of the best smartphone spying apps is FlexiSPY because of its features. The features of the application are intuitive as well as expansive. So, it marks its legacy through its outreach of monitoring a device remotely.

Using the app, you can do message and call monitoring besides advanced tasks like keylogging and camera hacking. All the features of FlexiSPY perform spectacularly and don’t require any effort from users during its functioning. It has more features than any other spying app in the market today. But it’s expensive if you want to use the advanced features.


As an intuitive, secure spyware application, Minspy makes the monitoring of phone or tablet devices way more convenient. This is one of the Best iPhone Spy Apps that lets you spy on a smartphone, computer, or tablet device. There’s no need for you to be near the other device for tracking it.

You don’t have to jailbreak a device to install an app into it. Also, you can monitor the device without having any technological knowledge. Besides that, you can perform all types of necessary functions like monitoring calls, GPS tracking, online activity monitoring, and SMS tracking with Minspy. For a more austere user experience, mainly for parental reasons, you can Get in touch with us for the basic Minspy instead.


When it comes to one of the best phone spying apps, XNSPY will be on the list. You can deem it as an industry leader among other spyware apps. For keeping a tab on your children and your employees, it is indeed a special surveillance tool.

There are 30 advanced features that let you track phone calls, SMSs in real-time. Also, you can track the GPS location of the phone. To find a lost phone or know about your children's location, XNSPY comes in handy. In recent times there are few more advanced features in the app like WhatsApp monitoring, WiFi logs, etc.



Parents have a favorite spying app to track their children's online activity, and it is Spyier. Millions of users around the world praise the application for the great value it offers to track others. Even individuals in relationships and employers love the fantastic tool for its robustness.

You get all the basic features of an application like call monitoring, messaging, online activity, etc. Tracking the location of a stolen phone or tracking the location of the person you are spying on becomes easy. As the tool allows 100% secure stealth mode for spying, the end-user will never have suspicion even if the app runs.


You can install SpyBubble on any device that you want to monitor with easy functionality. Though it is a cloud-based application, it still deploys all features that cell phone spy apps must have. It works amazingly even in stealth mode. The phone users don't even know that their location, calls, messages, and online activity are being tracked remotely.

You get the reports of their phone activities even without touching the phone. The app can activate the camera of a smartphone and take unnoticed pictures without making the phone user aware of it. It is indeed dangerous, but if used for legal works, it is a great asset too. You can access all the info from a secure web-based account.


If there’s a spying app that’s applicable for both parents and businesspersons, it will be iSpyoo. The easy-to-install yet powerful software makes smartphone spying extremely easy. What makes the app stand out from other spying apps is its video calls monitoring ability on platforms like Skype and Viber.

With all the popular spying features, this app offers great business benefits for employers. The app allows the user to track three different types of devices at once. This intuitive application can easily help with its other features like call recording, message reading, multimedia monitoring, location tracking, etc.


Do you want to track the phone activities of your children remotely with ease? Then Clevguard is the phone monitoring application that lets you access the phone files quickly from anywhere.

Clevguard allows you to set up a geo-fence; it alerts you when a child enters into the boundary or exits. The application lets you capture remote screenshots as proof. As it allows phone call recordings, track WiFi, and GPS location, it is a wonderful Mobile Phone Spy App to exist.


The award-winning app lets us spy for both smartphones and PCs. Why won't it be as it offers remarkable spying features with great performance? You can monitor the cell phone and computer activity of children, employees, track locations, and more things.

Spyera offers plenty of features with which it is possible to monitor and control the activities of your target. This tool can go undetectable, and one can use it for multiple platforms, whatever the operating system is. It's an extremely smart app, and it works impeccably well.

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