Seagate Hard Drive: Failure Reasons And Data Recovery Solution

hard disk data recovery

Have your data ever been affected by a damaged drive? Or have you accidentally deleted data from a Seagate hard disk? Whatever the reason for data loss, hard disk data recovery is the only solution for users.

Well, Seagate is one of the best hard disk manufacturers. And it is also popular to be the safest storage for all your data. But accidents can happen at any time.

So, we have drafted this guide consisting of everything you need to learn about the Seagate hard drive and methods to recover your lost data from the hard drive. Let’s start!

What Is A Seagate Hard Drive?

The Seagate company has been one of the best manufacturers since 1980. A Seagate hard drive is a hardware component that stores all digital content. It includes your videos, documents, music, pictures, programs, applications, and other software.

Now, Western Digital Seagate is dominating the HDD market worldwide. It has a customer base who feel Seagate is authentic and one of the most top-notch developers of the hard disk. However, there is always a little chance of the hard disk getting corrupted.

Reasons For Failure Of A Seagate Hard Drive

The Seagate hard drive is one of the best hardware components that fail rarely. But who knows about the circumstances. Not only Seagate but all hard disks fail in some of the harsh situations. It includes accidental damages, human errors, natural calamities, and so on.  

You might have heard that hard disk data recovery is the first thing to consider when you lose data.

Now, let’s take a look over the major reasons if Seagate hard disk failure:

1. Virus

No doubt it is one of the obvious things to damage or fail on a Seagate hard drive.

A virus can delete files, erase or reformat a Seagate hard drive, and damage programs on it. As a result, the entire system crashes, and performance becomes slow. Furthermore, hackers use viruses or malware to access personal data, steal information, and destroy all your data.

Precautions to protect your Seagate hard drive:

  • Only use those power supplies which come with the drive.
  • Ignore damp places because moisture causes corrosion.
  • Usually, unauthorized disassembly of the items and removing labels voids your warranty. So be careful!
  • Secure your external drive by checking viruses on a regular basis.
  • As you know, a hard drive is a mechanical device, so avoid handling it roughly.
  • Remove external drives with safety before you disconnect from your system.
  • Last but not least, make sure you backup confidential data.

2. Software crashes

Software crash problem is not in our hands. There is no guarantee of prevention from software crashing; it can happen anytime.

Make sure you always back up all important data on a regular basis. So that if the software crashes, you can manage to access files easily. 

3. Human mistakes

Humans are capable of making mistakes in their everyday life. Sometimes people delete files accidentally and often drop the disk drive. And these activities lead to unintentional data loss. Now have a look over the most common human errors reasons for drive failure.


Water damage is the most common reason for the failure of the hard drive. Sometimes people spill liquid on their computers or hard drives. Only specially designed hard drives can resist liquid otherwise, hard disk data recovery is the only left option. The liquid is capable of causing unwanted surges in the electrical current that damage your device severely.

Accidentally deleted data

This error is a common one. You might delete the folder by your own hands sometimes. So, in this situation, try pressing Control+Z. If it doesn't work in this situation, then Seagate data recovery might work.

4. Accidents or Natural calamities 

These are those accidents that can happen on any day. It is unplanned, and you have to be ready for that. It could be a natural disaster or some major accident due to which the user may lose all confidential data saved on your hard disk.

Data Recovery Solution From A Seagate Hard Drive

1. Download Software

There are numerous reasons for file loss in a Seagate drive. So, to get back data, you have to download data recovery software. Well, it helps to retain the lost data from a hard drive. So, using software, the retrieval of files' chances increases.

The Internet is full of free data recovery software; you need to choose the right one for your hard drive. The reasons for data loss could be; deleted/formatted data, unknown errors, and so on. We would like to always download software that supports all kinds of hard drives for recovery.

2. Do It Yourself

Well, for recovering data by yourself, pro tips are a must. So here we are to help you out!

First, you have to check the hard drive for viruses, malicious codes, and malware. These errors might replicate as well as cause a serious data loss.

If your drive is damaged or not working, stop using it regularly. And you need to stop overwriting it. This may lead to serious data loss problems. Also, be aware of suspicious software which might delete all important data from the hard drive.

3. Consult Professional

Well, it is the last step to be taken! If none of the above works, then you have to opt for hard disk data recovery for your hard drive. You can consult a professional so that they can handle your device with utmost care and help you to get back data.


Hopefully, following these tips will help you to get back your deleted or corrupted data.  So, is this question popping in your mind about which is the best data recovery near me? Well, don't worry, you have one of the best available options.

CBL data recovery services can help you to get back data from any hard drive. It is one of the best Seagate data recovery in Singapore and nearby locations. Moreover, their expert team can help you to know about preventing hard drives from future problems.

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