What Should You Not Do After PDO Thread Facelift Treatments?

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A facelift is a surgical cosmetic procedure that provides people access to their younger version. In simpler words, people who have lost their facial glow due to the effect of ageing can get back to their glow. PDO thread facelift treatment is also one of the surgeries that one undergoes to get rid of the loss of ageing. In this write-up, some information has been shared that throws light on the cons that you must follow to make sure that you don’t run into complications.

Avoid sleeping on your side or stomach

Make sure that you don’t sleep on the side of your stomach. It will make the effect more complicated as if you sleep on your side, it will put pressure on the facial muscles. This will trigger pain as well as other signs of irritation. Also, this would press the facial muscles to return to their original state even after the operation has been done. So, it is the very first thing that you must avoid immediately after the surgery.

Don't use Makeup

Don’t use too heavy makeup after you have undergone the PDO facelift surgery. If possible, don’t apply any makeup on the face. This will induce a chemical reaction on the newly operated muscles and facial skin. Any sort of chemical reaction would be harmful to the sin in double intensity. Since too much makeup might adhere to your sin, this would also induce a sense of irritation, redness, and pain in the facial appearance.

Say no to facials and face massages

Apart from the point mentioned above, that restrains you from the makeup, you must make sure that you don’t go for any face massage or facials. Think about it for yourself. Light makeup affects the skin in an intensified manner so how much loss would be caused by facial massages? You need to take care of the products that you would be applying on the face. This would make it possible to protect the skin against the complications arising from the chemical interaction of your skin and the chemical used in the product. Moreover, stay away from the process of bleach or any other facial application.

Reduce your time in the sun

If possible, make sure that you do not go out in the sun. Even if it is important for you to go out in the sun, just make sure that you don;t overdo it. Maintain your schedule in the sun and have an eye on the exposure time that you are getting in the sun. You can also set your time table about going out in the sun and cover your face with some scarf or gat, to avoid the effect of sunlight. However, it is advisable to take care of the time that you spend in the sun.

No alcohol

Alcohol, intoxicants, and many medicines like painkillers are to be avoided at any cost. It means that you must stay away from any type of drugs. Alcohol and similar drugs can inhibit the normal functioning of the facial muscles. You can ask your doctor about the need for painkillers. Although painkillers are the best way to kill pain, one must stay in touch with the doctor and ask the doctor. Ask your doctor about the pain killers that would be best suited for the killing of pain that would be caused after taking the surgery.

Stay away from smoking

As stated in the above-mentioned point, staying away from drugs and intoxicants, which include alcohol also, is advisable. Make sure that you keep away the cravings for alcohol and smoke. Take only the drugs and medicine that your doctor has prescribed for you to eat. Even if you feel any pain in the facial muscles as a side effect of the surgery, then rush to the doctor or keep the list of medicine ready in advance. This will prevent you from getting any sort of complications in the whole course or journey of the treatment and recovery from the complications post the surgery period. Thus, make a safe distance from smoking and other drugs.


If you have undergone the facelift surgery or specifically the PDO facelift, then all you need to know has been shared in this write-up. You must know about the benefits that you can get with the help of facelift treatments. You can get to know the things that you must avoid doing after taking the surgery. If you think you are fine with this surgery, then you may consider the act of getting all the advice from the experts. For example, you can take the help of the experts for the high-quality and premium services of double chin liposuction and many others, without involving any risks and complications.

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