Top 5 Tools To Embed Facebook Feed On WordPress

Facebook Feed On WordPress

Facebook is a great social media tool, and approximately 2.89 billion people worldwide engage on it every month. Seeing how it easily holds the interest of so many people, marketers are leveraging it in their websites. Adding it to the website helps make the content engaging, hold the reader's interest, and increase their dwell time. Facebook content also helps win the trust of the website visitor.

But when it comes to adding the Facebook widget to websites, the process is very easy, especially for WordPress website builders. Because WordPress is a very user-friendly platform and with a simple widget, you can add the Facebook feed to your website.

If you don’t know which Facebook widgets to use for your website, then read further. We have discussed the five most beneficial widget tools to embed Facebook feed on WordPress website.

Tools To Embed Facebook Feed On WordPress Website:

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is the best tool for embedding a Facebook feed to your WordPress website. It offers a bundle of advanced features that makes the process seamless and gives you complete control over the feed.

With Taggbox Widget, you can collect multiple Facebook feeds. The options you will get are albums, business pages, personal accounts, page reviews, and page mentions. Taggbox also offers custom CSS options, so you can design the Facebook widget as you want.

Taggbox is also a complete UGC platform and allows users to aggregate social media content from multiple platforms. So you can use it for collecting and embedding feeds from other platforms besides Facebook. You can even embed the social media feeds in digital signage, hashtag campaigns, email campaigns, shoppable galleries, etc.

2. Elfisght

Elfsight is only a widget tool. But it is very effective and useful if you are not planning to use the Facebook feeds beyond the websites. With Elfsight, you can add Facebook chats, Facebook feeds, and Facebook reviews to your WordPress website.

You can set the widget even if you don’t have any coding knowledge. Another benefit of using Elfsight is that you can see how the widget is performing on the website. It means that you can see the analytics and judge if the widget has helped in boosting engagement, lead conversions, and dwell time of the website. You can judge if your website visitors are checking your Facebook page and your number of followers is increasing.

3. Tagembed

Tagembed is a social media aggregator for websites. Besides Facebook feeds, you can also embed social media content from other platforms. There are four types of Facebook widgets you can add to your WordPress website - feed, reviews, stories, and albums. Tagembed gives you the option to moderate and customize your Facebook feed.

Like the other premium widget tools, Tagemebed also gives the auto-update feature. So you can keep your WordPress website content fresh with the latest Facebook posts. If there is anything you want to remove, you can use the content filter features of Tagembed. It will help you select the best Facebook content to display on your website.

4. SociableKIT

SociableKIT is also a website widget tool. You can aggregate Facebook Events, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Facebook Video, Facebook Hashtag, Facebook Page Photos using SociableKIT. Although, if you want to add a Facebook feed from your account, then this option is not available with SociableKIT. You should consider the above tools if you want to embed a Facebook feed on your website from your account.

SociableKIT gives only a few days trial as compared to other tools. This tool is compatible with many website platforms, including WordPress. SociableKIT offers limited features but at a low price. So, if you have limited requirements, you can use this tool.

5. Official Facebook Embed Feature

Facebook understands that marketers today want to embed their Facebook feeds on their websites, and that’s why they offer this embed feature. So if you want to embed a few specific Facebook posts on your WordPress website, you can simply paste the shortcode of the Facebook post.

We don’t recommend this method, especially when you have to add a lot of Facebook feeds and show the latest ones. If you use this method, you have to individually add and delete a Facebook post, which is a very time-consuming process. So, instead, you can use the above Facebook widget tools.

Final Thoughts

There are many widget tools available in the market which you can use to embed Facebook feeds on the WordPress site. But when selecting a tool, ensure that you get a tool that works for all your purposes and is a scalable solution. Take the free trial of the tools if you want to, but before getting a paid plan, be sure of what you are getting.

Now try the tools and make your account. Embed and manage the Facebook feed on your website seamlessly.

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